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A 101 Guide to Buying Vape Cartridges

A guide to buying wholesale vape cartridges

The vape industry can be very confusing. There are so many different products, and things are changing all the time.  As a proprietor in the vape industry, you would think you would have to be the equivalent of a doctor who constantly keeps current on their profession.  Funny maybe, but true entirely.  It is even more confusing now, as the vape industry has spawned new categories of vape products.  There are now 3 categories of vape products:

  • Cigarette vape products
  • Vape juice vape products
  • Medicinal (THC oil and CBD oil) vape products

The history of vape products:  First on the scene appeared cigarette-style vape products.  The receptacles that held the nicotine juice were referred to as cartomizers.  These cartomizers were attached to a built-in battery which powered the unit and vaporized the nicotine.  These cartomizers of the past were inferior to the cartridges that are on the market today. Next, appeared vape juice mods and atomizers.  You have probably seen people holding a large box exhaling huge vapor clouds. These large boxes are batteries themselves, and they connect to a large glass or metal receptacle called an atomizer that holds the vape juice.  Vape juice can contain no nicotine at all or it can have varying strengths of nicotine.  The last vape product category is the newest.  It has become very popular to vape THC oil and CBD oil over the last few years (2016 to current time).  Some people have experienced multiple health benefits, but that is beyond the scope of this article.  As we are not qualified doctors, we cannot offer any recommendations and urge you to seek any advice from a general health practitioner for further information on this matter. 

For the sake of this article, we will solely focus on vape cartridges that are specifically geared towards THC and CBD vape oils.  We will go over every aspect of vape cartridges from the buying process to the filling process.  We might also be able to offer some tips on the marketing process as well.  By the time you finish reading this article, you will know everything you need to know about vape cartridges.  Welcome to Vape Cartridge 101…

So, we’ll get right into it, but to make things a little easier let’s break the material down into sections: 

  • History of vape cartridges
  • Styles, shapes, sizes, and colors
  • What make one vape cartridge better than the other?
  • Buying vape cartridges retail
  • Buying vape cartridges wholesale
  • Vape cartridge buying recommendations
  • Best way to fill vape cartridges


We have already briefly spoken on the history of vape products, but now we are going to focus specifically on the history of vape cartridges.  When vape cartridges were first created they were made from plastic.  The tips were plastic, and the vape cartridge body was also plastic.  They used cotton wicks to absorb the oil and the quality ranged from a nice constructed braided wick to lower quality synthetic fibers that appeared loose and scraggly.  This was the first style of vape cartridge which is why they are referred to as first generation vape oil cartridges.

The second generation improved upon the first in some ways but was a complete disaster in other ways.  This style changed from wick to wick-less, which was a huge problem at the time.  The only benefit this style had was a clean look.  With the wick removed, it looked better aesthetically but what it made up for in style, it lacked functionality.  The problem was without a wick, the manufacturers had to drill holes into the bottom of the cartridge.  The oil would now feed through little tiny oil holes drilled out of the bottom, instead of absorbing slowly, and passing through the wick properly.  There were horror stories in the industry.  People were claiming 30% plus leak rates in the 2nd generation style vape cartridges.  Just imagine all of that lost and hard to recover oil.  Again, it was a complete nightmare, and most people in the industry found themselves reverting to the more reliable, albeit not as pretty, first generation cartridge.  However, a new style vape cartridge was already on the horizon, which takes us to the third-generation style vape cartridge.

The third-generation vape cartridges improved on both the first and second generation and today they have become the number one selling style on the market.  You remember the first generation relied on wicks, and when the second generation tried to remove the wick and rely on little oil holes without any buffer material, they leaked all over the place.  What the third generation did was remove the wick and replace it with a solid metal rod that runs vertically the entire length of the vape cartridge.  It acts as a barrier which separates the air chamber from the vape oil solution.  Some people will prefer the taste of wick over the metal rod style and vice versa.  It really has become preference at this point.  From an eye-candy perspective, the 3rd generation vape cartridges look much nicer.  They have a higher quality look and a better weight and feel.  The materials are more expensive and the time to put them together is more labor intensive.  The truth in the motto “you get what you pay for” really applies here.  Although the first-generation wick cartridges are dependable and work great, the third generation work just as well if not better with the added flair of being a “fancier looking” vape cartridge.  And for those looking to “sell the sizzle” you cannot go wrong. 

Let’s use a comparison.  Maybe you have heard of FlavrX (currently known as FLAV) and Brass Knuckles.  FLAV uses very cheap plastic cartridges, in fact, they are the cheapest of them all.  They are cloudy and have a bluish tint.  These are the most affordable vape cartridges on the market, yet they are reliable.  But, they are ugly as sin.  However, FLAV has a pretty good oil solution.  The taste of their product is great even thought the THC % content is much lower than other brands.  They have done a good job on marketing, so good that they could get away using a very basic looking cartridge.  But hey, whatever gets the job done, right?  On the other hand, you have a company like Brass Knuckles which spends the extra money to not only buy glass and metal 3rd generation vape cartridges, but they go the extra mile and weld a raised-metal brass knuckle insignia on the metal part of every vape cartridge.  Currently, there are some controversial issues with the company and we see a lot of Chinese companies trying to unload Brass Knuckle cartridges, strangely enough.  Which leads us to believe they are dumping inventory.  What good is buying another branded cartridge and trying to pass it off as your own?  One thing is for sure, it’s not a good long-term strategy for anyone trying to build a loyal base of clientele or establish their own brand.

There are only a few vape cartridges on the market that combine multiple technologies.  Typically, they combine metal rod technology with an organic cotton wick to form a hybrid cartridge that merges the benefits of each style with none of the downsides.  We could mention several cartridges that have this hybrid technology but only one is worth mentioning.  We refer to it as the silver-leak-proof-cartridge. (pictured below)

wholesale leak proof vape cartridges

The silver leak proof cartridge has a hidden reservoir underneath the view-able glass part of the vape cartridge. This may make the appearance of the vape cartridge look smaller than it is, but they truly hold 0.5ml and 1.0ml of oil solution.  The ceramic coil is lined with organic cotton which allows the oil to flow through the reservoir before penetrating the ceramic coil and cotton wick.  This ensures the oil flows properly without leaking.  The wick around the coil also allows the oil to pass through slowly achieving uniform effect and again, no leakage. This concludes the history of vape cartridges.  If you have any further questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact us.


Vape cartridges come in a variety of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors.  We will thoroughly discuss all the options you can choose from, and you can make a final decision on what is best for you.  We have already touched on a few different styles like wick, wickless, metal rod, and a combination of metal rod and wick.  If your looking to find out what cartridge works best for a thin or thick oil solution you will find this information in the next topic “what makes one vape cartridge better than the other”.  Usually it will have to do with the thickness of your solution as some cartridges perform better with a thick solution, and some perform better with a thin solution.  It all depends on the vape cartridge itself, but again we will get to that in the next section. 

Let’s move on to the different shapes of vape cartridges.  Most vape cartridges are offered in a flat tip, or a round tip.  Different people have different preferences, but we do have some tips from the research we conducted, and this is what we found out.  Some people prefer flat tips because they are trying to kick the cigarette habit, and what worse than to put another cylindrical tip in your mouth when your trying to quit.  Flat tip vape cartridges have a different feel and offer a different experience.  Plus, we have heard that people that are “gamers” prefer flat tip because its easier for them to hold it in their mouth while both hands are on the game controller.  Round tips also offer their own advantages as well.  Some people that want to feel like they are smoking without actually smoking cigarettes could benefit from this round-tip style vape cartridge.  But the main reason why people prefer the round tips is that you don’t have to worry about the tip lining up with the battery in a certain way.  Round tips are round all the way around, whereas flat tips in a bad position can be uncomfortable or uneasy to use.  Some that are experience know and understand exactly what I am talking about.

Vape cartridges are offered in the following sizes:

  • 3ml
  • 4ml
  • 5ml
  • 6ml
  • 8ml
  • 0ml

ML or ml stands for milliliters.  For example, 1,000 milliliters make up a 1-liter bottle.  Vape cartridges are measured in milliliters.  The most common sizes are 0.5ml and 1.0ml.

Most vape cartridges are available in the following colors:

  • Plastic vape cartridges – black tip, white tip, silver tip, gold tip, gun metal tip
  • Glass and metal vape cartridges – silver tip, gold tip, gun metal tip, rainbow tip, wood tip
  • Ceramic vape cartridges – white, black, green, red, blue, pink


We will let you in on a little secret… All of these vape cartridges are made in China.  No other country in the world can compete with the material and labor costs of China.  Especially when it comes to high volume products such as these vape cartridges.  If all of these vape cartridges come from China what makes one better than the other?  That is a great question.  It all comes down to material quality and craftsmanship.  Since all of these vape cartridges are really made the same way, the only thing that makes one better over the other is better quality materials and quality control.  Look at it like this Supplier A and Supplier B both buy the same materials from Manufacturer XYZ.  It will come down to what supplier has better quality control.  What supplier is taking their time to produce a great quality product and not just rushing through the process to fulfill the order.  Other suppliers cut corners and use inferior metals like “pot metal” so they can shave expenses and increase their bottom line. It’s not easy finding good manufacturers, it takes a lot of time to weed through the weak to find the strong.  And there are costly financial lessons to learn throughout the process.  The nice thing is that we have been dealing with these manufacturers for over 2 years, we know who provides quality products and who doesn’t.  Take it for us, we did the research, so you don’t have to.  We have had many customers come to us frustrated from dealing with China only to pay a few cents extra per unit from us and receive excellent customer service.  Our clients are making 50 – 150% profit margins off their oil alone, do you think they care about paying 10-20 cents extra per cartridge when they receive 1-3-day shipping, can ask any question they want, and if they have any problems we will stand behind our products and issue a refund or exchange no questions asked.  Sometimes it pays to receive piece of mind and be able to communicate with a company you intend to make a purchase with.  And that is exactly where we come in, at Cheapest Vape Supplies we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and low pricing.

wholesale c-cell vape cartridges

Let’s take c-cell cartridges for example (pictured above).  The rod on the inside of their cartridge is engraved “c-cell” but the same technology is found all over China. They are not the only company that sells that style cartridge.  Our company can buy any cartridge from any manufacturer right now and have any name engraved on it (we could also do that for our clients), it doesn’t make it better, it just makes it proprietary.  You must understand that all these Chinese manufacturers have the same capabilities as each other.  Nothing separates them from each other, other than the quality of the materials they are using and how carefully they are putting the units together.  Even suppliers that engraved their name on cartridges will have bad batches, leaking cartridges, and defective cartridges from time to time.  Again, it all depends on quality and craftsmanship.  We have been in this business long enough to remove all the weak suppliers and only work with the strongest and best, again we have done all the homework, so you don’t have to.  In conclusion, it really comes down to price, quality, and customer service.  Since all these products are essentially the same it matters who is giving you the best quality product at the best price, and who stands behind it with their customer service. It takes several weeks for distributors in the USA to receive shipments from China so when they do arrive its hard for most companies to part with the product for less than a 20-30% profit.  In fact, some US suppliers have markups of 50% and in some cases 100% or greater!  At Cheapest Vape Supplies, we are lucky to make a 10% profit off some of the items we stock.  We try to be as fair as possible while still turning a profit that allows us to stay in business.  We appreciate your support!


It’s not very easy to find a website or vape shop that is willing to sell vape cartridges for a fair retail price.  There are many vape cartridge websites that will make you place a minimum order amount, usually $50.00 or greater.  This means you cannot make a purchase unless you are willing to spend fifty dollars or more.  This places a burden on someone that is looking to test out a product before they commit to a larger purchase.  What if they want to try only one vape cartridge, or a handful before making a larger purchase?  Essentially, they cannot, and they are forced to placing a larger order than they might feel comfortable with.  There are some vape websites that do not impose a minimum order amount.  Instead, they will charge you $9.99 for a single vape cartridge.  We see this type of highway robbery happen all the time.  Some companies tend to take advantage of people looking to buy smaller amounts. This behavior is unfortunate but it’s also the exact opposite to how we operate at Cheapest Vape Supplies.  We value every customer super small to super big!  We offer both retail and wholesale pricing, and we will never turn away a customer even if they only want a single unit.

If you’re looking to purchase a smaller order will take care of you!


There are a lot of suppliers in China that specialize in manufacturing vape cartridges. Which makes it very difficult to find a good supplier.  We have been in business for over 2 years and we have purchased inventory from over 50 different suppliers.  Even a good supplier from time to time will rush an order and the quality of the cartridge will suffer.  This is especially true on larger orders.  All these cartridges are assembled by humans in factories.  There is only so much time in a day and when these factories are bombarded with orders, the quality may not be as good as if they took more time to assemble them carefully.  However, we have a great standing relationship with several suppliers and because we buy hundreds of thousands of cartridges from them, they want to keep us happy.  If we do receive a bad batch, we have the power to negotiate with the supplier and receive a credit from them.  We ask our customers to ship back any defective product that has not been filled with any oil, so we can send the merchandise back to our supplier for a credit.  Customers do not have to wait for us to receive our credit from our manufacturer.  Our customers will receive a refund or credit toward another product as soon as we receive the unused product back.  

glass metal ceramic vape cartridges

The benefits to purchasing wholesale vape cartridges through Cheapest Vape Supplies:

  • Customer Service! We provide the highest level of customer service.  Our staff is knowledgeable and easy to talk to and can answer any questions you may have before placing an order.
  • Your money stays in the USA, you do not have to worry about overseas purchasing
  • You can receive your cartridges in as little as 1 day as opposed to 10-14 days through China
  • We carry a larger selection than any supplier in China. Sounds crazy?  We use multiple suppliers and what one supplier doesn’t carry another supplier does.  This allows us to provide the greatest range of selection, and the best part is all the cartridges are stocked here in the USA!
  • If you receive a defective product, we will can fix the situation much quicker than if you had to deal with a Chinese supplier. Have you ever purchased from overseas and received the wrong product?  It happens more often than you think.
  • Payments of any sort clear much quicker in the USA than China, which means your product also ships much quicker
  • We offer same-day shipping on all orders placed before 3 P.M. Central (Chicago) Time
  • In some cases, we are cheaper than what China charges and in other cases we are only 10 – 20 cents more per unit. How can we be cheaper in some cases?  If we buy 100,000 units we will most likely get a better price than if we bought 10,000 units.  If our client wants 10,000 units we can be cheaper than China and still make a profit because we are buying in bulk. 


We have seen a lot of different vape cartridge styles come through our doors over the last 2 years.  There are some vape cartridges that work better with thin vape oil solutions, and there are others that work better with thick vape oil solutions.  However, there are only a few styles of vape cartridges that can work with both, thin and thick solutions.  If you have had trouble in the past with leaking, burnt taste, weak glass, or crummy materials, then check out the two cartridges featured below.  They are the only vape cartridges that are qualified to work well with all oil solutions.

The first cartridge which is the closest thing to an indestructible tank is our HIGH-END vape cartridge.  It has a removable metal rod which contains the ceramic coil.  Once the metal rod is removed, it is probably the easiest cartridge on the market to fill, due to the large filling hole area. Another nice feature is that it has a filling line built onto the side of the glass that shows you the proper level to fill the oil to.  These are the most expensive vape cartridges that we carry, but they are also the best.  We have sold hundreds of thousands of this unit alone with a defect rate of less than 1 percent. 

wholesale amigo V9 vape cartridges

The second cartridge and the last cartridge to make the list is our Ceramic Coil-Head vape cartridge.  This vape cartridge is unique in a couple different ways.  First, it has something that resembles a plunger (black in color) that sits at the bottom of the vape cartridge.  The plunger seems to create a tight seal making it impossible for the oil to penetrate, and cause leaking.  Second, it has coated oil holes. If you notice the oil holes aren’t rough exposed metal, instead they are coated in ceramic which provides a smoother look and flow for the oil to enter the ceramic coil itself.

wholesale ceramic coil vape cartridges


  • Wait for oil solution to cool to room temperature before filling with syringe
  • Fill slowly
  • Filling on an angle can reduce back-pressure
  • Once filled, cap tightly, and turn upside down (in most cases) for 12-24 hours
  • After 12-24 hours most of the gases and pressure should be released, package and store

Read “Do Your Vape Cartridges Leak” for detailed information on how to fill vape cartridges


We have endless ways to finesse your brand.  If you already have your logo and design, we can help custom print your artwork on any box or packaging.  If you do not already have a logo created, we can design one for you.  We can assist you throughout the entire process.  We have several packaging options, from boxes to transparent blister packs.  We carry a wide variety of box styles and shapes.  You can choose the style that is perfect for you and we will customize it.  Below you will see an example of what we did for one of our clients.  It is a very clean look, and we feel it has just the right amount of information without being too cluttered. Check out all of our wholesale vape cartridge packaging options here.

wholesale vape cartridge packaging

This article should have answered most of the questions you had about buying vape cartridges. Vape cartridges have always been our specific focus at Cheapest Vape Supplies. We have seen every model, size, and shape.  We hope our experiences in the industry can be of value to you.  We made some mistakes along the way, as no one or any company is perfect. The good thing is, we learned from our mistakes.  We would love to save you from the same mistakes we made early on, and we are just a phone call or email away.  

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