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Best Vape Cartridges in the USA?


We get a lot of phone calls from people asking what is the BEST vape cartridge in the industry, or what are the best vape oil cartridges available in the USA? The truth is, it depends on several factors including but not limited to:

1) The type, style, and generation of cartridge you are using

2) The quality control from the company you are purchasing from as well as their return policies

3) The solution you are putting into the cartridge. Is your solution thick or thin? 

We will explain everything in detail so you can make the best educated decision for yourself. Our goal is to find YOU the best vape cartridge that will work for your solution, at a great price, with the fastest shipping options to your doorstep. 

1) The type, style and generation of cartridge you are using has a lot to do with the overall effectiveness and functionality of the vape cartridge itself.  Wick cartridges or 1st generation cartridges are very effective and have a low defect rate. This is why we see all of our larger clients that order over 50,000 units per month selecting this cartridge as their go-to cartridge. The chrome tip and wick cartridges are our #1 seller and its for good reason. They have a nice weight and feel, they are one of the most dependable cartridges we carry (we have sold hundreds of thousands of them) and they are the biggest bang for your buck. You can save about 20 cents per unit choosing a flat plastic tip over a chrome metal tip but those extra 20 cents make a big impression which is why we believe all the BIG buyers see this cartridge as the "goldy-locks" cartridge, not too expensive, not too cheap, but right in the middle, like we said "biggest bang for your buck". All of the dispensaries, big brands, vape shops, and consultants in the vape oil industry all seem to prefer the Chrome Tip Wick Vape Cartridges when they buy in bulk. Also, keep in mind wick cartridges absorb every last bit of oil, there is never any wasted product.

On the other end of the spectrum, the most undependable and unreliable cartridges are the 2nd generation ceramic coil. The problem with these vape cartridges was that the oil was sitting directly on the ceramic coil area, and the pressure caused the cartridge to leak in 1 out of every 5 cartridges or 20%. The 3rd generation solved this issue by placing a vertical metal rod inside the cartridge which separated the oil from direct contact with the ceramic coil. The metal rod creates a barrier which allows the oils to slowly enter the coil area ensuring a lower probability of leaking. Even though the metal rod or 3rd generation minimized the leaking issues in the 2nd generation vape cartridges, it still is not as dependable as the 1st generation with the wick.

If you are looking for the most reliable and dependable glass and metal vape cartridge look no further than our silver leak proof cartridges that are made from top quality glass and metal. They have replaceable coils and all parts are able to be disassembled for easy cleaning and re-use. Our #2 seller is the Silver Leak Proof Vape Cartridge. This is our best selling glass and metal vape cartridge hands down! We call it a 4th generation cartridge because it has metal rod, ceramic coil, and wick technology built into one cartridge. The ceramic coil is surrounded by an organic cotton wick that allows just the right amount of oil to enter the coil allowing for maximum cloud vapor. There are several reviews already on this product and everyone seems to like them. Good flavor, good vapor, and an excellent quality oil cartridge all around. 

Side Note: About flavor? Does the wick or metal rod have a better effect on the way the oil tastes? We have been told by a lot of people that they prefer the wick for a few reasons. They believe the taste is great if your using a premium wick cartridge like the chrome tip ones we described above. However, some people have complained about a burnt taste when using cheaper wick cartridges. The reason for this is usually the cheaper cartridges have a greater chance to burning the coil if you are not careful. The cheaper vape cartridges are made with inferior parts that can burn quicker if the user is pre-heating the battery or still holding the button down after engaging with the device. We have been told by people that the metal either taste better (cleaner) than the wick, or it has a metal tinge to it (metallic taste). Its really just preference. 

2) Quality control and good return policies are very important. At we understand not every batch of product will come out 100 percent perfect 100 percent of the time. We try to ensure the best quality product by dealing with the best quality manufacturers, not the cheapest. But even then sometimes issues pop up. The most important thing is how a company handles it. While we have no control over what happens to orders after they are shipped out and leave our hands, we do have control over the merchandise while it is in our hands. And if we miss something, and you receive a defective product we will return any defective product that has not been filled with any solution for a full refund or store credit.  We just ask that you inspect your product thoroughly before attempting to fill any vape cartridges. Once you have checked the product over, no cracks, no broken cartridges, or missing pieces, it is then best to proceed to fill them. If you find any issues at all please stop what your doing and call or email us and a representative will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

3) How do you know if your solution is thick or thin? Turn the cartridge over, does the air bubble move to the other side within a second or two, if so your oil is thin. If you turn the cartridge over and it takes 5 - 15 seconds for the air bubble to make it to the other side, your oil is thick. 

If your solution is thick we recommend:

- Our premium plastic vape cartridges with wick (plastic, wood, or chrome tips)

- Our silver / glass metal vape cartridges with metal rod technology

If your solution is thin we recommend: 

- Our premium plastic vape cartridges with wick (plastic, wood, or chrome tips)

- Our silver leak proof cartridges offered in 0.5ml and 1.0ml

- Our high-end 0.5ml vape cartridges

- Our ceramic tip with ceramic coil vape cartridges offered in 0.5ml 

As you may notice, wick cartridges can be used for the thinnest of oils and the thickest of oils which is probably why the big dogs in the industry choose this particular cartridge to build their brand around. Is is a dependable vape oil cartridge that works with any type of oil. 

In closing, if there is a #1 or best vape oil cartridge on the market, we would say it would have to go to the 1st generation wick technology with chrome metal tips. It has been the number #1 choice due to its perfect blend of functionality, dependability, quality, and appearance. 

Feel free to comment on this post, or for any questions or to place an order please call us at 708-557-4357. We are located in the Chicago-land area and we are open 8am-8pm CST Monday - Saturday. All orders placed by 2pm CST will ship out the same day.




  • Look people definilty purchase from these guys and this company Jason called me back faster then my mother or wife if I was out with the fellas lol. They have the best VAPE supplies and customer service is the best.. don’t waste your time on EBay buy from here.. I had my supplies in 2 to 3 days , amazing .

    Jose .m
  • Look people definilty purchase from these guys and this company Jason called me back faster them my mother or wife if I was out with the fellas lol. They have the best VAPE supplies and customer service is the best.. don’t waste your time on EBay buy from here.. I had my supplies in 2 to 3 days , amazing .

  • Thank you for such an informative article! Please do tell if there is a way to find out what dispensaries sell your products! Very hard to find the metal tips and 2nd or 3rd generation technology here in Arizona!


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