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Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridges

Are Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridges The Best?

When it comes to vape cartridges you have many variations to choose from.  You can go plastic w/ wick, glass/metal w/ wick or quartz or ceramic coil, but how to you select what's going to work best for you?  Do you have a thin, medium or thick oil you're using?  Ceramic coil cartridges work great with all viscosity oils and most cartridges let you choose your aperture size (oil hole size), the thicker your oil the larger hole you want.  Also with ceramic coil you will get the cleanest taste from your oil.  You can take the same oil and put it side by side in a wick cartridge and ceramic coil and you will taste the difference.  Check out all of our ceramic coil vape cartridges we offer.

Different Styles and Sizes of Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridges

wholesale glass ceramic coil vape cartridges

This ceramic coil vape cartridge has 4 large 2.0mm holes for your oil to flow through.  It gives a great taste to your oil and allows for large vape clouds.  Available sizes: .5ml & 1ml

We offer this cartridge in 4 different tip styles:

White Ceramic Tip

Black Ceramic Tip

Clear Acrylic Tip

Wood Tip

Wholesale Amigo Liberty V9 Vape Cartridges

Above, is our High End V9 cartridge.  Available sizes: 0.5ml & 1.0ml

It has an adjustable top airflow by the mouthpiece.  Also the entire rod comes out of the cylinder for easy filling. Your oil will flow very nice through the 4 large 1.2mm holes.  Also this cart is built like a tank so it can withstand some abuse (not that you should be abusing your carts Lol).

There is a fill line on the glass cylinder, but always make sure you are putting in the proper amount of oil so it doesn't overflow.  This cartridge comes assembled and in plastic tubes.  Special orders in foam blocks are possible on orders over 2,000 units.

We also offer a very similar cartridge that is more discreet with a side window, we call it Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridge with Side Window.  This comes assembled in foam blocks and is only available in the 0.5ml size.

ceramic coil vape cartridges at wholesale prices

Green Line 0.5ml Ceramic Coil comes fully assembled in foam blocks of 100 units, no tubes.  Only available in .5ml.  Our Green Line cartridge is very similar to our High End V 9, but is a little slimmer in size.  There is an adjustable top airflow that allows you choose your level of vape.

Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridge Wholesale Pricing

Here is a Glass Round Tip Ceramic Coil Cartridge.  Available in .5ml only.  We do offer this cartridge in 2 different colors, Gold or Silver.

Silver Ceramic Coil Head

Gold Ceramic Coil Head

These cartridges come fully assembled in plastic tubes.  People really like the sleek look of these cartridges and they are at a really great price point as well.

Shop all of our Ceramic Vape Cartridges here

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What Size Vape Battery Should I Use?

Are you vaping your ceramic coil cartridge and not blowing big clouds?  You always want to make sure your battery is fully charged to get maximum performance when vaping.  The button-less pens with the automatic draw are the worst ceramic coil carts, sometimes they flat out don't work at all.  A battery that has variable voltage setting works best.  Check out our full line of Variable Rate Vape Pens.

When it comes to temperature or voltage settings you always want to start low and adjust from there.  Using too high of a temperature can burn your oil leaving a bad taste.  You can also burn out the coil and ruin your cartridge when using too high of a setting.  Most of the variable rate pens we carry range between 2.4v-4.1v settings.

vape pens that work with our wholesale ceramic coil vape cartridges

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Most People Agree That Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridges Are The Best!

So yes, most people will agree that using a ceramic coil vape cartridge is the best overall.  Gives a great taste,works on different viscosity oils and won't burn out right away on you.  We carry a wide selections of vape cartridges,  Vape Pens and Vape Packaging to suit your needs.  

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  • Good info! So I tried the High End V9 and the cartridge with the white ceramic tip on it. Both worked well, but I have to say the High End was the favorite for my customers. I’m sticking with this cart for sure!

    Steven G

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