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Cheapest Vape Supplies Moves to Shopify!

Hello and welcome to our first blog post on the new Shopify platform, we hope you like the look and find the navigation easy. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please let us know right away! We had to move our website and shopping cart from Wix to Shopify because during the process of being approved for our merchant carrier (to process credit cards) Wix decided to remove as a payment gateway option, leaving our company out in the wind with a shopping cart that was no longer functional.

There are only two payment options with Wix now. Stripe and Square. Square immediately cut us off (with no warning or recourse) once they realized we were involved with vape products (as if they are so bad). However, Stripe was amazingly reasonable and accommodating and they told us something along the lines of... sorry we cannot take your business as much as we would like to, however we will allow you to process orders for up to 14 days to give you time to find a new merchant carrier. That was a classy move on their part, which is why we will always recommend Stripe over Square.

Which leads us to Shopify. Since Wix left us high and dry without a functional shopping cart (basically it became a content website) we had to explore other opportunities. It came down to Volusion and Shopify. Even though Shopify charges a 1 percent fee on every transaction processed through the store, and Volusion does not, Shopify still provides one crucial thing, a direct blog. Volusion allows blogging but you have to link through Wordpress and its not as easy to set up a blog as it is with Shopify. For SEO purposes, a site will generally rank higher when a blog is hosted on your own domain, rather than having your blog hosted somewhere else in the case of Volusion and Wordpress. 

Another plus, the navigation and cleanliness looks good on Shopify and it seems like everything is isometric and spaced out evenly. So far, we are pleased with the layout and options of our new Shopify shopping cart. We will evaluate our experience further down the road after we have used the platform for awhile. Again, if you have any questions, or comments please reach out to us! 

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