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Cheapest Vape Supplies Uses High Security Measures to Protect Their Clients

Wholesale Vape Cartridges - Security Measures

The Shopify platform uses the same 256 bit encryption that BIG banks use to protect their client's sensitive information which means that every transaction processed through our store is safe and secure. We do not have the ability to view client's payment information. We only see the customer's name and shipping/billing addresses. All credit card information is securely processed through the internet and there is no human interaction. 

On top of these measures, we go the extra mile with additional protection methods. If you notice a little red box at the bottom of the screen it says McAfee SECURE which means our site contains:

No malware or malicious links

No harmful software on this site

No Phishing Detected

No Identity Theft

We take every precaution to ensure the smoothest and safest customer experience. We will always go the extra mile. Thank you for being a loyal customer!

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