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Custom Logo'ed Vape Cartridges with Fast Turnaround Times!

custom logo vape cartridges fast turnaround USA

Do you want to stand apart from your competition?  Personalizing vape cartridges with your own custom logo can definitely separate you from your competitors. The only problem is, most printers in the USA do not have the specialized equipment like jigs and molds that hold the cartridges in place while they print. Which is why, 99% out of the time these jobs have to be outsourced to China (the country that also manufacturers the vape cartridges).

The main problem with China is long lead times.  In most cases it takes at least 2 weeks to receive custom logo cartridges, and if you are placing an order for multiple thousands the lead time can take as long as 4 weeks or longer.  Shipping also takes longer outside of the USA as opposed to shipping within the USA.  

When you are dealing with custom artwork you definitely want to have good communication between you and the printer, and sometimes its harder to communicate with someone outside the country via email.

Our customers have reached out to us asking for a solution.  Recently we invested in a $30,000+ UV LED printer that allows us to print directly metal or glass part of the vape cartridge.  We are also able to provide custom logos on vape batteries. Now, instead of having to wait several weeks for custom logo vape cartridges, you will only have to wait several days!  Most of our jobs can be completed between 3-7 days, which means you can have custom logo vape cartridges or batteries to your door within a week! 

On larger orders our logo cost per item can be as low as 25 cents per unit!  Call us for a quote today @ 708-557-4357 to speak with an account manager. 

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