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Do Your Vape Cartridges Leak?

Leaking Vape Oil Cartridges?


(Hopefully, its not as bad as the picture above)

If you are experiencing problems with vape cartridges leaking it could be due to several reasons. We will evaluate all of the common problems so we can minimize oil leakage because nobody likes an oil spill of any magnitude. 

What type of vape cartridge are you using? Is your cartridge made out of glass and metal, or plastic? Is it 1st generation, 2nd generation, or 3rd generation?

If you don't know the answers to these questions that is quite alright as we will be walking you through everything and explaining definitions as we go along. Let's take a look at the history of vape oil cartridges.


In the beginning vape cartridges started off as cartomizers which were primarily meant to replace cigarettes as most contained nicotine. As they evolved, they opened up a new product referred to as the clearomizer or what you know as the refillable vape cartridge today. The components in the clearomizers are made better and with better quality materials than the original cartomizers. There are few cartomizers on the market today, as the superior clearomizer has replaced most in existence. 

The first clearomizer, or first generation (vape oil cartridge) was made from plastic and had a wick in the center near the bottom of the plastic body. The entire unit is made from plastic and the most common ones have black plastic tips that snap on. This is a very dependable vape cartridge, which is why a lot of larger businesses use this particular model. A lot of companies start out with the 1st generation cartridge, then switch to the 2nd or 3rd generation, and then end up going back to the first generation because they want the most dependable product and every penny of profit counts when your moving large quantities. They have a leak rate / defect rate of 1-2% meaning that only 1 or 2 out of every 100 should give you an issue.

The second generation cartridges feature a ceramic coil as opposed to a cotton braided wick. Unfortunately, the ceramic coil technology has a high leak rate (5-20%) due to the larger tolerances between metal parts and components. Also, there is no wick or cotton to absorb any of the vape oil and no resistance to stop the oil from flowing out the bottom of the 510 thread. Most of these ceramic coil vape cartridges are made from clear food grade plastic so they look like glass but they are not. Most of them have silver or gold metal tips that screw down onto the clear plastic cylinder body, again most are made from plastic. 

The third generation cartridges feature a metal-rod technology. The metal rod aims to solve the problems that the 2nd generation (ceramic coil) had with leak issues. Since the metal rod connects to the main components at the top and the bottom of the vape cartridge, it provides a barrier which blocks the oils from flowing out the bottom. The metal rod cartridges are more dependable than the 2nd generation ceramic coil but less dependable than the 1st generation wick technology. These metal rod cartridges are made out of glass and metal, very few if any are made from plastic. These vape cartridges have a 2-10% leak rate / defect rate.

There is a new cartridge shall we call it the 4th generation cartridge? It is basically a hybrid. It combines all the benefits of the 1st generation and 3rd generation. We call it the Leak-Proof Metal/Glass Vape Cartridge. It can be completely disassembled and the coils are replaceable. It features the metal rod technology but also has an organic cotton wick wrapped around the coil area acting as a gasket to prevent the oil from leaking out the bottom. These cartridges are made from metal and glass, plus they provide huge cloud vapor due to their functionality and design. This is one of our #1 sellers and is the only metal and glass vape cartridge that we guarantee to be 100% leak-proof. Leak Rate / Defect rate is 1 - 2% which is the lowest in the industry for a metal and glass cartridge. 

Now that we discussed the different types of vape oil cartridges on the market, which ones do you use? Are you using the most dependable 1st generation wick technology, or have the ceramic coil made from metal and glass been working out for you? If you have thicker oils you will experience less leak issues overall. You might even be okay with the ceramic coil or metal rod. But if your oils are thin, you will probably want to focus on the 1st generation or 4th generation as they are specifically suited for thinner oils. 

Steps to prevent leaking vape oil cartridges:

1) Buy good quality cartridges, if you need a recommendation visit us at and we will make sure to match up your oil solution with the perfect cartridge. 

2) Buy 1st or 3rd generation, try to avoid 2nd generation if possible. The 3rd generation was only created because the 2nd generation had a ton of issues, leak rates and failure rates as high as 20% in some cases. Imagine the amount of wasted product and money! 

3) Wait for your oil solution to cool completely to room temperature before filling the cartridges. When you fill them, fill them SLOWLY and on a slight angle to reduce back pressure and rupturing gaskets and seals. 

4) HUGE TIP: Fill a handful of units (5 - 10) and wait. If you notice 1 - 2 cartridges leaking right off the bat, stop what you are doing and evaluate whether you want to keep going or send the entire batch back to us (we understand sometimes there is a bad manufacturing batch) but we will do everything in our power to correct the issue. If you continue to fill them, instead of sending them back to us, it is at your own risk. Unfortunately, our company cannot refund or accept vape cartridges that have been previously filled, even if they have been cleaned. Rubbing alcohol and other abrasive oil cleaners will damage the gaskets and even if the cartridges are spotless, they will be completely unusable. There is no way of ensuring what products are being used to clean them, or if they are completely free of any residue before we receive them. However, we have no problem refunding money for unused or tamper-free cartridges. 


5) After several hours of the cartridges not leaking, it is best to turn them upside down and store them this way for 12 hours. This will greatly reduce the chance of leaking. Alleviating bottom pressure (where the oil isn't resting at the bottom of the cartridge, instead it is resting against the mouthpiece/tip) greatly reduces the amount of leak issues, and this system is highly recommended. If you are using an automatic filling machine, fill the units and wait 2-4 hours. If after 2-4 hours you do not notice any leaks, turn them upside down for at least 12 hours. After 12 hours, package at your convenience. 

6) Prime the cartridges. Many people don't know this, but it is always best to prime a brand new cartridge. Instead of taking deep pulls off the vape pen, take smaller, quicker, shorter pulls. Do this about 5 - 10 times to give the wick a chance to be completely absorbed with oil before taking larger, longer pulls. This will minimize any chance of getting a burnt taste (burning the wick/coil). Once the vape cartridge is primed you should experience a better flavor. 


7) Use 280mah - 350mah batteries, 280mah being the most preferred. Big batteries with higher wattage and higher voltage can easily burn out a brand new coil in a tiny little vape cartridge. When you burn out the wick or coil, you will experience low cloud vapor and bad taste. It ruins the cartridge completely and its a risk that most people are unwilling to take. A good 280mah battery provide sufficient cloud vapor and also rations the solution. If you don't fry the coil with a big box mod, you will surely burn through a lot of expensive vape solution quickly. We carry good quality vape pens that are very dependable as low as $1.59 each!

8) Use tiny oil aperture for thin oils and large oil aperture for thick oils. The oil hole is usually between 0.5mm and 1.6mm. The smaller the number, the smaller the hole 0.5mm being the smallest and 1.6mm being one of the larger oil holes. The larger the oil hole that greater the chance of leaking. However, sometimes you need a larger oil hole especially for thicker liquids. But if you notice you are experiencing leaks, you can always move to a smaller oil hole. A general rule is, the thicker the oil, the larger the oil hole. As you can see in the picture below:

The 0.5mm oil hole is suitable for 30% or less VG solutions

The 0.7mm and 0.9mm is suitable for 50 - 70% VG solutions

The 1.2mm and 1.6mm is suitable for 70% or more VG solutions


9) Thicken thinner solutions with VG (vegetable glycerin) you may need to use an emulsifier like PEG-400 to ensure that the VG stays bonded with the other solution. If you have a 100% PG or MCT oil solution, you will want a small oil hole if you are purchasing the metal rod technology vape cartridges. However, any of our premium wick cartridges work great with the thinnest PG and MCT base solutions. View our all of our wholesale vape cartridges here

This covers the majority of preventative measures. What are your best and worst experiences with vape cartridges? Also, if you have anything new to offer or would like to comment, would would love to hear it!

NEW UPDATE: 1/13/2018

After over a year of testing various vape cartridges we have come to the conclusion that there are very few that work well with all oil solutions. However, we have narrowed it down to about 5 different styles that work well with both thin and thick oils. We call them the GLP series which stands for "guaranteed leak proof". Our customers rave about the quality of them and have never had any problems with these particular units. Stop wasting money and valuable product on cartridges that leak. Check out the GLP series by clicking on the link below.



  • I’m not sure what we’re supposed to write about cartridges I guess I find the smaller holes work better all the way around I use brass knuckles or gold drop and have smaller hole cartridges I have one right now by Cobra extracts that has four large holes all the way around it and it’s burning oil up and making it taste like crap good medicine terrible cartridge? Where can I find both of them combined I only have found two companies? I’ve had terrible cartridges have literally gotten so hot that oil has sucked in my mouth? and this is on a breath operated battery? Why are they having so much trouble making a cartridge? why the big holes when all these oils are thin enough to be heated by the smaller holes? This is just a way of burning oil up faster? And when it gets about a quarter way down which doesn’t take long it starts tasting very bad!

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