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New Earn REWARDS Program!

Cheapest Vape Supplies Rewards Program

Most companies offer the best deals to first time customers. Once your a repeat customer all of the incentives and coupons vanish. 

We are not like most companies. In fact, we will continue to look for ways to reward our valuable and repeat customers. One of these ways, is our new rewards program. In fact, you don't even have to make a purchase to make it to the first level (500pts) which will give you a free $5 coupon to purchase whatever you want off of our site, all you have to do is cover the shipping. 

You can earn reward points in several ways:

For every $1 you spend you will receive $1 Vape VIP Point. Shipping and Coupons are excluded. We will offer select days where you will receive 3x and even 5x point values, keep a look out for future emails with subject heading "3x points" or "5x points" as it is a very easy way to accumulate large coupon discounts. 

100 points - Sign Up

100 points - Facebook Like

150 points - Facebook Share

150 points - Twitter Share

100 points - Birthday Gift

You can redeem your rewards for coupons and discounts. We will be adding some very unique rewards in the near future, keep an eye out. To sign up to earn rewards is EASY and FREE. Just visit and click on the green box at the bottom left of the screen to sign up free. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

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  • i have been scouring high and low for good quality carts i just received my new leak-proof carts and very pleased very good quality and very fast delivery also a very informative blog on e-cig/cannabis cart tech i have easily have brought 200 carts if all kinds my days of searching high and low are over for good i can relax has what i need


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