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Illinois Sees Huge Increase for Cannabis Vaping Supplies

Now that Illinois has approved recreational marijuana and legality is right on the horizon, there will be several new ways to consume cannabis legally in Illinois.  Marijuana flower or bud used to be the most common way to consume the soon to be legal drug.  Edibles are becoming the popular favorite for those that prefer not to inhale smoke. But out of all the ways to consume marijuana, vaping is increasing the fastest.

marijuana dry bud

(Above:  Dry Marijuana Flower)

CV Supplies has been in business for over three years now.  They specialize in selling empty 1/2 gram and 1 gram vape cartridges. These are the small, skinny vape cartridges that you see attached to the smaller, skinnier vape pens.  Most of the time these smaller vape cartridges contain expensive THC or CBD oil which is why they are filled in smaller cartridges.  These are not the larger vape batteries and atomizers used for vaping E-juice.  E-juice is several times cheaper than THC and CBD oil, there is no comparison. 

We have seen a lot over the last three years.  What shocked us the most?  The number of people over age 50 that never tried marijuana before, but all of a sudden they are willing to try vaping a THC cartridge.  Is it because it seems more socially acceptable to vape, or is it because it is convenient and portable?  Vaping THC is easier, less messy, and less time consuming than smoking marijuana.  Is this why the older generation (that never had an urge to smoke before) is suddenly adopting it?  It is probably a combination of all the factors above that make for the sudden increase in demand for vape cartridges and the vape batteries that power them.

(Above:  Empty Vape Cartridges Ready to be Filled)

As more and more states allow legal recreational marijuana, the demand for vape cartridges and cannabis vaping supplies will also increase.  Let's take a look at a simple formula below:

There are approximately 330 million people living in the United States.  Let's say that only 1 out of every 100 people in the United States vapes THC (this is a very low number).  That means that 3.3 million people in America are vaping THC cartridges.  But let's go one further.  Each person that vapes THC on average consumes 2 cartridges per week.  That means that 6.6 million vape cartridges need to make their way into the US each week. That's a lot of cartridges! 

With Illinois going recreational January 1st 2020, there will be a huge increase in demand for marijuana vape supplies as vaping has become the most popular way to consume the drug.  If you are located in Illinois and you are involved in the marijuana industry check out CV Supplies - they carry a wide range of vape cartridges, batteries, terpenes, and accessories like filling machines and cartridge press machines.  They offer local pickup and delivery on larger orders.

CV Supplies is located 3 miles south of Chicago and has been providing vape cartridges to distilleries, dispensaries, vape shops, head shops, and individual consumers since 2016.  They have sold millions of vape cartridges over the last three years and have great quality products at competitive prices. 

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