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Key Fob Vape Battery Conceals and Protects Your Vape Cartridge!


Newest Vape Battery on the market! The best part about this vape battery? You can push a button, and out swings your vape cartridge - switchblade style! Holds smaller vape cartridges from 0.3ml to larger 1.0ml cartridges. Its called the Key Fob battery because it looks just like a key fob car key. 

Push the power button 5 times quickly to activate it (turn in on) and another 5 times quickly to turn it off. Another cool feature is the built in USB charger. This is an all in one unit and the only vape battery you will need for smaller vape cartridges. This battery is geared for smaller vape cartridges and will not burn out the coil or create any bad flavor.

350mah battery


Conceals vape cartridge

Protects vape cartridge from breaking

Easy and convenient


Pictures below...

Key Fob Vape Battery

Vape Battery with built in USB charger

Key Fob Vape Battery Kit


  • How do I make a purchase on this website thank you
  • I would like to buy 20-100 of the key battery’s please heat ahold of me

    Chris Ballinger
  • How much are they

    Adam Korbilas
  • received one with our order as a gift. THANK YOU. the key box battery is the bomb. the amount of vape you get is incredible. works better then any other battery I have tried. love the design and the way it tucks the cartridge away when not using. 10 out of 5 stars from me.

    Jim & Lisa Strang
  • Where and how much for wholesale orders?

    Drew FarmStarz

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