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Need Vape Cartridges That Pass Heavy Metals Testing?

vape cartridge heavy metals testing

Do you need a vape cartridge that passes heavy metals testing?  We work with the Ultraflo manufacturing plant to guarantee the highest level of quality.  All Ultraflo cartridges pass heavy metals testing and are some of the highest quality vape cartridges available. 

The Ultraflo model has the intake holes drilled on the bottom as opposed to on the sides of the metal rod which allow all of the to be used. With these cartridges, none of the oil will be wasted. 

The T-shape ceramic coil is another added benefit.  It allows better contact with the oil solution resulting in greater functionality. 

Bottom Air Flow - is when the air flow comes from the bottom of the vape cartridge where the 510 thread is located.

Top Air Flow - is when the air flow come from the top where the mouthpiece is and in some cases it may be adjustable.

Open System - is when the mouthpiece on the vape cartridge can be unscrewed and refilled.

Closed System - is when the mouthpiece is permanent when pressed down and cannot be removed to refill or for any other reason. 

If you are interested in the Ultraflo vape cartridges that pass heavy metals testing please reach out to us directly at:

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