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wick vape cartridges
For a long time I have heard plenty of people complain about plastic cartridges with wicks having a horrible taste. Well it is true, however it really isn't the cartridge that is the problem (in most cases) Some of the most successful vape companies in the U.S. use plastic carts with wicks and produce some fantastic flavors with their oils. With this being said these great tasting oils can be ruined in a matter of seconds from a few different things. 
One of the first things that can compromise the taste of your expensive distillate is not priming the new cartridge. Most people get excited tearing the cartridge from its packaging, screw it onto their battery and take a big hit. This is a no no because the wick is wet with oil where you can see it but the part underneath the chamber that actually creates your vape cloud may be dry and when you applied battery power that first time you may have burnt out the wick. One way to prevent this from happening is to take a few drags from the cartridge WITHOUT applying battery power. This will pull the oil down farther inside the wick priming it so you can get the best taste for your money.  
Another reason your oil may taste like a dirty diaper on fire is because of too much battery power!!! This is probably the biggest culprit for burning up wicks, changing the taste to something very unpleasant or worse yet, damaging the coil to the point it never vapes again putting a dent in your wallet or time trying to transfer oil from one cart to another with a good coil. Plastic carts with wicks require some of the lowest battery voltages on the market. The most optimum voltage for any cart with a wick is between 2.8 volts and 3.3 volts. Anything higher and its just too much power causing a horrible taste that may or may not go away for the remainder of the oil in that cart. A lot of people are under the impression that turning up the voltage on their battery is going to produce a HUGE vape cloud...which it does...a BIG NASTY TASTING one! Turn down your battery power!!! ( said with love) 
Here's another one for you, maybe your guilty of this or one of your friends? Chain vaping is the fastest way to kill your coils. Also responsible for producing a bunch of horrible tasting hits. Oil intake holes can be small and the wick needs to become saturated with oil in between drags. Want this to stop happening??? Quite being a hype and stop hot boxing your pen! ( again, said with love)
Another thing that can be responsible for causing that burnt taste from your cartridge is the weather. That's right, cold weather climates can jack up your oil changing the taste. Oils high in VG can sometimes even be unusable in cold and oils high in PG will become thick like molasses. If you live in these conditions do yourself a favor and keep your pen (more importantly) the cartridge at room temperature. Try not to leave it out in your car and if you do make this mistake, make sure you let it warm up first before taking a drag. 
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I hope all this information helps to take care of your taste buds and avoid damaging good tasting oils you have spent good money on!!!

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