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Dank Boxes vs. Mario Karts vs. Smart Carts vs. Exotic Carts Vape Cartridge Packaging

Some people don't have the time or money to pay and wait for custom vape cartridge packaging. It can take 3 - 4 weeks to produce custom packaging and it often cost 2-3 times more than other pre-made packaging options. When you are looking for a quick and easy packaging solution for your vape cartridges, these pre-made options are eye catching and affordable:

Mario Carts Foil Packaging

mario cart vape packaging

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Mario Carts packaging is offered in several different flavors. Some of these flavors are:  sherblato, banana kush, maitai, nerds, mystery OG, NY sour diesel, white wookies, LA confidential, Mac1, as well as several other flavors not shown in the picture above. The mario cart packaging is a foil type packaging with bright colors and holographic accents. This packaging can fit 1/2 gram and 1 gram vape cartridges. 

Exotic Carts Foil Packaging

exotic carts foil packaging

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The exotic carts packaging is also offered in several flavors, about 20 to be exact. As you can see, 10 flavors are listed above. Some of the flavors include:  blueberry kush, pineapple express, forbidden fruit, strawberry shortcake, purple punch, yoda OG, lemonade, kosher kush, mimosa, and apple fritter. This is the second style of packaging. The first exotic carts series is pictured below. 

exotic carts packaging

Smart Cart Boxes

smart cart boxes

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If you are looking for something other than foil packaging, these smart cart boxes are perfect for 1 gram vape cartridges, they even work well with smaller half gram cartridges as well. These boxes have a picture of the actual strain on the back of the box, plus they have a checkbox that you can mark that determines if you are selling a 1/2 gram or 1 gram vape cartridge (see below)

smart cart box packaging

Dank Boxes

dank boxes

These dank boxes are offered in over 20 different flavors, there are 7 styles pictured above. These might be getting phased out for the newer black dank boxes (featured below) but they may still continue to circulate if manufacturers intend to keep producing them. They fit 1 gram cartridges and have a short description of the strain on the back of the box. 

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Moon Rock Clear

This is the newest packaging out of all the packaging options above. The packaging style is horizontal which is different than your typical vertical packaging as featured in all the other vape packaging solutions. 

moonrock clear vape packaging

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  • I just wanted to say thank you! I placed an order for some black dank boxes and smart boxes a week ago and they arrived in perfect condition. This packaging helps me get a couple extra buck profit out of my product, thanks guys (or gals)!

  • Great article! I am about to buy a couple thousand of each type, is there a way to mix and match different types?

  • I’ve been looking for some nice general packaging for my oils and this is the best price I can across. Thanks

    Brian A.

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