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Why are Gold Vape Cartridges better than Silver Vape Cartridges?

Did you know that gold vape cartridges are actually better quality than silver vape cartridges?  According to several of our suppliers, gold vape cartridges are made from better materials than silver vape cartridges.

silver amigo liberty

above left to right: amigo 1ml, amigo 0.5ml

Why is this? In order to plate gold over silver, we are told that manufacturers must use better quality metal components. It is important to use quality metal when you intend to gold plate over it. This is why the metal quality must be top-notch in gold vape cartridges.  

gold amigo liberty vape cartridges

Did you know it cost around 20-30 cents more per cartridge for gold rather than silver?  This is because it takes more material (gold plating material) and more time (time it takes to plate gold over silver) 

At Cheapest Vape Supplies, we have been through so many manufacturers in order to find the best quality at the best price. We have picked up some unique knowledge along the way...

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