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C-CELL Vape Cartridges

Due to the Coronavirus... Please call 708-557-4357 before purchasing any c-cell vape cartridges.  As we receive our shipments, orders get filled fast and we run out of stock quickly.  It is hard for us to update our website at this time, as we would be updating our website multiple times per day on inventory we are out of, and then updating it again when we receive our shipments throughout the day.  We encourage you to call and add your name to our pre-order list, this way when we receive our shipment you will be first in line.  

We carry a wide range of ccell ceramic coil vape cartridges.  You will want to first decide what style you are going to choose (wood, silver metal, gold metal, clear plastic, black ceramic, white ceramic, or clear glass tips).  Then, you will want to pick out the size cartridge that works best for you.  Our ccell vape cartridges are offered in 0.5ml/0.5gram and 1.0ml/1.0gram sizes. 

Some of our clients feel this is the best cartridge they can buy for the money.  At close to $1.50 per unit, these ccell cartridges give our customers a big bang for their buck.  Other premium cartridges that we stock can surpass the $2.00 mark (even on quantities over 1,000 units) these ccell vape cartridges offer high quality at a great price!

All of our c-cell vape cartridges have a very low defect rate of 1% or less.  They use ceramic coil technology, and with 4 larger drilled oil holes they produce huge cloud vapor and easy draws.  

NO lead or heavy metals

NOTE:  You may find other c-cell style cartridges on the market that are less expensive, but that is because the cheaper models usually contain lead and other heavy metals.

Quantities in multiples of 100 will be packed in foam blocks.  Tubes are NOT included, but you can buy vape cartridge tubes here.

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