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GLP "Leak-Proof" series

Welcome to the GLP series!  GLP stands for Guaranteed-Leak-Proof!  It took us years to find the best of the best quality vape cartridges.  We have tested and tried so many different models over the time we have been in business.  Finding a good quality cartridge is hard, but finding a consistent supplier that pumps out the same great quality over and over is even harder.  This is precisely why we have a limited amount of styles that qualify for the GLP series.  These models have held up to any test our clients can throw at them.  All of these cartridges work well with thin oils but only two work well with thick oils.  If you have a thicker oil solution, it is best to stay away from the silver leak proof style vape cartridges as they work best with thinner oils. 

If time is money, and your oil is precious to you... Then we 100% recommend our GLP series.  You won't have to worry about losing oil due to leaky cartridges or wasting your time filling cartridges that are just going to leak on you anyways. 

The GLP series are our most popular cartridges.  We have clients that purchase 10,000 - 100,000 units each time they order.  Be careful for other clone vape cartridges.  They may look similar to the original supplier but they are made with inferior materials and put together with low quality control.  Again, we have tried several different suppliers that manufacture the same exact model.  We had to go through several different manufacturers before we found the best quality supplier.  And once we found these suppliers, we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get our cost down so we can pass those saving down to our clients and offer them pricing close to China with the convenience of fast shipping within the US. 

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