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NEW!  Best Portable Vape Battery with 1ml Atomizer

NEW! Best Portable Vape Battery with 1ml Atomizer

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This is the BEST battery/cartridge combination we have ever seen and used!  The 1ml cartridge is professionally made, it has an adjustable airflow mechanism at the bottom that is so smooth to turn... This is an oversized cartridge and it will only work on a special battery. It would look silly connected to most of the batteries on the market, but the good thing is this cartridge comes with a perfect matching battery with a large diameter hole capable of fitting the oversized vape cartridge/atomizer. 

The battery is rechargeable and comes with charger and a box. You will not find another battery/cartridge combination out there for the money, you will know where your extra money was spent when you receive this unit. The cartridges are refillable and we do sell them separately as well. This is a really nice battery and atomizer it reminds us of a professional vape mod and atomizer. We love how the cartridge sits completely flush with the battery, it’s just a great combo piece!

A complete steal at $14.99 for a battery and cartridge in this caliber...