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Vape Cartridge Packaging

Customize your own packaging or save time and money with pre-made vape cartridge packaging options. Choose from foil packaging or vape cartridge boxes, we offer several styles and flavors of each!  Most of the packaging is labeled 1 gram, but you can easily place a sticker of this area if you sell a different sized cartridge. 

Most custom packaging could take several weeks to receive.  These pre-made, pre-logo'ed vape boxes and foil packs can be in your hands as early as the next day (with overnight shipping option).  If you are looking for a quick solution, or if you want to save money, this pre-made packaging is perfect!  It can be expensive and frustrating going back and forth with a graphic designer to get your logo and artwork just right.  With this packaging, you can see what you are buying before you buy it. 

We can also customize your own logo and artwork to any of these foil packages and boxes if you are looking for that personal touch. Just keep in mind it will take 3-4 weeks and we will need to provide a custom quote. Feel free to call us with any questions at 708-557-4357.  Thank you

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