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Vape Atomizers

Vape Atomizers are larger vape cartridges specifically meant for vape juice. They are much larger ranging from 2ml to 8ml sizes. There are some vape atomizers that are rebuildable and some are not. Although we specialize in the smaller vape cartridges that are 0.3ml - 1.0ml in size, we have had a lot of interest in other vape mods and atomizers.

Unfortunately, in the past we didn't carry these products, but due to customer demand we are going to start stocking several styles of vape box mods, vape atomizers, coils, batteries, battery chargers, filling syringes, and more. More products coming soon... Subscribe to our email list to receive first alerts on new products as well as coupon codes and other promotions.  Feel free to call us with any questions or product recommendations at 708-557-4357. 

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