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Vape Mods

We just started adding vape box mods and larger vape batteries to our product line. Due to several requests we are now adding new product categories to our website. Box mods and vape atomizers are one of them. We are going to start with a few different models, offer the best pricing and see what happens. If the demand is there we will continue to carry these larger batteries and atomizers. 

We specialize in wholesaling vape cartridges and smaller vape batteries. However, the customer is always right, and its time we took action.

We hope to have a decent selection of vape mods and vape atomizers by the end of September 2018.

Thank you as always for your patience... And please give us a call at 708-557-4357 for any questions, comments, or suggestions. 

Product(s) coming soon... (uploaded by 09/01/2018)

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