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NEW! UGO-V3 Vape Battery Kit (900mah)

NEW! UGO-V3 Vape Battery Kit (900mah)

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When we saw the vibrant colors offered by the UGO-V3 we couldn’t pass up carrying these in stock! If you are familiar with the UGO-V2 you will know they look very similar but the UGO-V2 does NOT have a preheat option and the colors look faded compared to the deep contrast and vibrant pop the UGO-V3 offers.

These UGO-V3 vape batteries are unique in that they charge from the side of the battery (see picture). This is a great option because it allows you to use the battery while it is charging.  The bottom of the batteries have a mirrored chrome finish.  

  • 900mah (strong & slim)
  • Variable voltage (3 clicks)
  • Pre-heat option (2 clicks)
  • On/off (5 clicks)
  • Side charging (charges while in use)
  • Kit includes (battery, charger, box)
  • Unique “dotted pattern” graphic
  • Works with any 510 thread vape cartridge

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