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XVAPE VISTA Mini Concentrate Vaporizer - $99.99 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

XVAPE VISTA Mini Concentrate Vaporizer - $99.99 each

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XVAPE VISTA Mini The World 1st Wireless Charging Concentrates Vaporizer

Put the butane torch away... This vaporizer is a modern marvel!  It combines the best in quality and portability. Perfect for concentrates (wax, dabs, shatter, oil, etc).  Comes with everything you need to get started.  Use the funnel to add water to the unit.  This unit works off a rechargeable battery (no more butane and less mess). 

You will need to screw the heating element onto the unit before use.  Connect the glass pieces together and secure with the white tab.  This unit is rechargeable and comes with built in battery and USB charger.  Also comes with extra gaskets and attachments. 

  • Color:  Black/Stainless Steel  
  • Power: 30w  
  • Charging:  USB/QI Wireless Charging  
  • Charging Input:  5V/1A  
  • Designed For:  Waxy or Concentrates  
  • Heating Chamber:  Ceramic  
  • Battery Capacity:  2000mah  
  • Bubbler LED light Color:  White/Green/Red  
  • ON/OFF:  Press Power Button 3 times  
  • Temp Setting:  3 Setting  
  • From:  XVAPE  

Available in Black or Silver