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All Glass Vape Cartridges - 0.5ml / 0.5g

All Glass Vape Cartridges - AG2

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We will be carrying 3 different styles of All Glass Vape Cartridges.  This is style #2

Welcome to the future of vape cartridges!  These all-glass vape cartridges (model #AG2) not only look sleek, but they function very well and produce huge cloud vapor (much more than a typical vape cartridge)!  These bottom-fill vape cartridges are extremely easy to fill!

WARNING:  Make sure you do not fill past the top of the inner glass tube or oil will get into the air chamber.  

NOTE:  Review this cartridge and receive a 15% OFF coupon code that can be applied to any All-Glass Vape Cartridge purchase.  

If you purchase and review this cartridge we will give you 1) the first chance to buy these all glass cartridges when our larger order arrives, and 2) we will offer you a one-time 15% off coupon code valid toward the purchase of the new all-glass vape cartridges.  Coupon is sent within 48 hours from the time you submit your review.  Please include your order number in your review, thank you.

We will carry this all-glass style in 0.5ml and 1.0ml sizes