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NEW! Mini Vape Atomizer

NEW! Mini Vape Atomizer

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These miniature vape atomizers are just like the larger higher quality vape juice atomizers that hold 2ml - 5ml of liquid/juice.  Unfortunately, some of the highest quality vape atomizers are very large, holding up to 5 milliliters of liquid which would be very expensive to fill with oil that can cost 10-20 a gram.  This is why most of the vape cartridges on the market today are designed to hold 0.5ml - 1.0ml of expensive oil.  

Up until now, most of the vape cartridges on the market are between 10mm and 12mm diameter.  These new mini vape atomizers are very thick, just like a vape juice atomizer.  These cartridges are 14mm diameter (the largest diameter of any 0.8ml vape cartridge on the market today)

  • Highest Quality
  • 0.8ml capacity
  • Vape Juice Atomizer (shrunken down to work with distillate) 
  • Heavy and Thick
  • 4 Oil Holes
  • 14mm diameter

It is almost impossible to find a 14mm battery that matches the thickness of this 14mm vape atomizer.  We are having a special custom made 14mm vape battery that will match the diameter of this cartridge.