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Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridge with Oil Window 0.5ml - as low as $1.09 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

Ceramic Coil Vape Cartridge with Oil Window 0.5ml - as low as $1.09 each

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Test vape cartridges before you fill them with oil with these OHM Readers

Currently offered in 0.5ml size 

(does NOT come with tubes, tubes can be ordered for an extra price)

Excellent Cartridge! Great Flavor and Cloud Vapor!

These ceramic coil vape cartridges are very similar to our High End vape cartridges. The only difference is these cartridges have a small oil window to view the amount of oil in the cartridge as opposed to being 360 degree transparent. We have had many requests for a cartridge that is not completely transparent. 

These cartridges are very well made. They have a very low leak rate - less than 1%. The bottom of the rod is gold plated for a better connection. There is a huge easy to fill oil reservoir, and it has a top adjustable airflow. Again, these are very similar to the high-end cartridges we sell, but instead of the cylinder being made of all glass, these cylinders are made from metal and glass. 

The entire rod comes out making this one easy to fill cartridge. These cartridges DO NOT come with tubes, but they will come packed in foam blocks in quantities of 100 units. If you buy less than 100 units, they will be packed in envelopes or bags. 

This is a liquidation product. No returns, no exchanges, all sales are final!