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0.8ml Triple Ceramic Vape Cartridge as low as $1.69 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

0.8ml Triple Ceramic Vape Cartridge as low as $1.69 each

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If your looking for the cleanest taste and best flavor, look no further. These triple ceramic vape cartridges produce the cleanest taste you'll ever experience! It is a proven fact that ceramic is much cleaner than metal or plastic. These cartridges are 100% ceramic and glass!  They have a ceramic tip, a ceramic coil, and best of all, a full ceramic rod. 

Push down / Press down Ceramic Tips (not threaded) 

Double seals (blue) on both the top and bottom ensure a tight fit.

Air vent located at the bottom of the cartridge near the 510 thread gold plated connector. 

WARNING: It is important to screw down the tips/mouthpieces (even though they do not have a thread) instead of pushing them down with force.  Gently twist the mouthpiece back and forth while pushing down on the mouthpiece. If you push the mouthpiece on with force or without twisting it on, you can crack the glass per our manufacturer. 

These will soon be offered in 0.5ml and 1.0ml sizes. If you would like to get on our pre-order list please call us at 708-557-4357