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100 Count Acrylic Rack for Vape Cartridges

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Note:  Cartridges in the picture do NOT come with the acrylic rack.  They are available for purchase separately on our website. 

These acrylic display showcase rack stands hold up to 100 vape cartridges at a time.  These rack stands are perfect for filling up vape cartridges and they have multiple benefits:

1)  You can use the stand to assist in filling (by holding the vape cartridges upright) 

2)  You can store cartridges that have already been filled 

3)  You can use them as permanent displays

These are specifically meant for vape cartridges (but they could be used to keep similar size material upright).  There is minor assembly required.  A phillips (criss-cross) screwdriver is the only tool needed to assemble. 

Note:  These will NOT fit the larger diameter cartridges we carry (will NOT fit the High End V9, Amigo X5, Triple Ceramic, Metal Side Window, etc) however they will fit most styles of cartridges we carry like the C-CELL style, any type of wick cartridge, and most ceramic style cartridges we carry.