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10mm Vape Cartridge Tubes as low as - $0.12 each

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Do your vape cartridges need packaging?  These vape cartridge tubes are perfect for protecting or presenting your vape cartridges in a professional manner.  These tubes were designed exclusively for vape cartridges in mind.  

These tubes will fit silver and gold metal tip 0.5ml G2 wick cartridges and white and black plastic tip 0.5ml G2 wick cartridges.  It will also fit 0.3ml and 0.4ml G2 wick cartridges. It will NOT fit any cartridges over 0.5ml size.

NOTE:  These tubes are very slim and only fit G2 style vape cartridges that are wick technology. 

NOTE:  These tubes will ONLY fit 0.5ml or 0.5gram wick vape cartridges or smaller (please see pictures).  

These tubes are 10mm diameter, we can also supply the larger 11mm and 12mm diameter upon request.  

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