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Adjustable Airflow 0.5ml Ceramic Vape Cartridges as low as $1.09 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

Adjustable Airflow 0.5ml Ceramic Vape Cartridges as low as $1.09 each

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These adjustable airflow cartridges are very similar to the high end cartridges we carry for as low as $2.29 per unit. There are a couple differences. Mainly, these come with a green-line that says "Max" as in max fill as opposed to the high end cartridges that have the milliliter measurement of 0.5ml/1.0ml. Some people prefer the "max line" vs the "0.5ml line" and some people prefer green over black. Other than that, these cartridges are very close to the same function and look as the high end cartridges, for 10 cents less per unit. 

NOTE:  Does NOT come with plastic tubes. If you buy in units of 50 or 100 you will receive the units in a foam block. We have custom boxes that will fit this cartridge, please call us at 708-557-4357 to speak with a product specialist. 


Size: 10mm(D) * 53MM

Resistance : 1.8ohm

Capacity: 0.5ml

Thread: 510

Material: Metal + Glass + Ceramic


1. Vertical Ceramic Coil: Pure Tasty Vapor

2. Top+Coil Full-Out Design: Convenient for Oil Filling by Hand/Machine

3. Top Adjustable Airflow: Smooth Vapor, Easy Draw

4. Fit for Oil of various Viscosity: 100% Leak-free, Clog-Free

5. Safe Food-grade Material: Health & Environmentally