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Child Proof Vape Cartridge Tubes as low as $0.15 each - BACK IN STOCK

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This is our NEW product of the month, were we feature ONE product for the whole entire month and offer special promotional pricing!


100 units - $0.25 each / Regular Price - $0.35

250 units - $0.20 each / Regular Price - $0.30

500 units - $0.18 each / Regular Price - $0.25

1,000+ units - $0.15 each / Regular Price - $0.20 

The new law going into effect is that all vape cartridges must be packaged in child-proof or tamper proof packaging. These child-proof vape cartridge tubes are the perfect solution. They fit any 0.5ml vape cartridge and some of the smaller sized 1.0ml cartridges. Simply squeeze near the top to open the tube. 

These vape tubes are black and you cannot see through them. They are perfect for wrapping with stickers, labels, and logos. 

Size - 5/8" width x 3" height