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NOW IN STOCK! Custom Box Vape Packaging (ready to ship) $0.59 - $0.99 per unit

Regular price $149.99 $98.99 Sale

Orders 2,500 units or more include FREE logo printing! Speak to a live rep for further details 708-557-4357

Blank Boxes are now available in stock!!! These boxes have a window located at the bottom of the box to show off the oil cartridge. Solid black in color, bring them to your local printer or use your own custom stickers. We are now offering blank boxes that fit 0.5ml cartridges with the tube. Boxes come flattened down, tube and cartridge does not come with the box, but can be purchased separately. 

These boxes fit 0.5ml cartridges

Does NOT come with a tube or cartridge (but can be purchased separately) 

This is the same style box as the big brands like FlavrX use for their vape cartridges. They are simple, yet desirable looking, and affordable. Simply place your cartridge with the tube into the box and close the lid. This is a more affordable option for someone looking for a very professional display at a lower price point. 

All boxes have the ability to fit (0.3ml, 0.4ml, 0.5ml, 0.6ml, vape cartridges)

Pricing starts at:

$1.29 per unit (100 units)

$1.09 per unit (1,000 units)

Call us for orders 2,500 units and larger to save on shipping

$0.99 per unit (2,500 units)

$0.89 per unit (5,000 units)

$0.79 per unit (10,000+ units)

Call to place order at (708) 557-4357 - pricing does NOT include shipping. All box packaging will ship ground UPS to minimize shipping costs. If you need to rush the order, you can upgrade to faster shipping at your cost. 

Most companies will charge you an additional fee to take your artwork and upload it. We do not. However, we can provide custom design work (logos, branding, artwork, etc)

Vape Packaging Logo - Call us for pricing

Vape Packaging Layout - we will take your elements (logo, pictures, and text) and we will custom arrange all of the pieces to fit perfectly on the packaging of your choice. All you have to do is provide us your images, tell us what you want to say on the packaging (all of your text), and sit back and we will do the rest. Starts at $100

Vape Packaging Branding - we will create your brand from scratch. We will do everything from custom logo, text, and layout. We will provide multiple options and you will have the chance to make multiple revisions to the option you select. Starts at $250