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Want to become a Distributor and re-sell our products and earn hundreds to thousands of dollars?  We are looking for several candidates ranging from $1.000 - $25,000 initial investment.  We want to establish contacts in every state and every major city, rural areas too!  Choose one of four options:  Option one can be purchased online with credit card, option 2, 3, and 4 will need to be placed by phone 708-557-4357 by bank wire. 

Option 1 - 1000 cartridges (0.5ml glass c-cell) and 250 batteries (350mah with chargers) value alone is worth over $1,500.00! 

Option 1 - $1125.00 use coupon code MANAGER to reduce (11%) the cost to $1001.25

Option 2- (same as option 1) $5,000 minimum purchase - save 13% off Option 1 

Option 3 - (same as option 1) $10,000 minimum purchase - save 16% off Option 1 

Option 4 - (same as option 1) $25,000 minimum purchase - save 20% off Option 1 

We will of course include a FULL catalog of products come April but if you want to become a distributor the best way to get involved is to choose one of the following options and purchase before March 1st. This way we can include you on our Distributor Network page which will be uploaded to our website in April.  

Option 1 - 3 (your contact information will be added to our website -  phone/email, you will not receive a dedicated territory, pictures or videos will cost extra to add to your file) 

Want a GUARANTEED territory?  With Option 4 you will own your area!  You will have no other competition within "X" amount of miles from your location guaranteeing you all the customers within your radius.  Typically brick and mortar vape shops, smoke shops, etc. are more suited for option 4, however we also accept home based businesses.  We will advertise your place of business and contact information on our website, you will receive a larger bold font/text and you will be able to add a picture of your business or location (something option 1-3 does not include) 

Again to get started with your distributorship today, choose option 1 below or call us directly at 708-557-4357 to purchase option 2, 3, or 4