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CLEARANCE! Dry Vape Cartridge Vaporizer (non-liquid) as low as $1.99 - Cheapest Vape Supplies

CLEARANCE! Dry Vape Cartridge Vaporizer (non-liquid) as low as $1.99

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NOTE: This will only work with our 650mah, 900mah and 1100mah push button batteries! This will NOT work with the automatic 280mah batteries, the key fob battery, or the mystica battery. Again, these units will only work with push button 650mah, 900mah, and 1100mah batteries. 

This cartridge is used with dry material, not liquids. Open the cartridge and fill it with dry vaporizer material, twist it back on (you can take the spring out if it helps, or don't fill it up too much and keep the spring in) 

Then attach to a vape battery (push button and stronger battery versions are suggested) We do NOT recommend using our wholesale 280mah automatic batteries as they do not have the ideal strength for this cartridge. 

When your done, simply dump out and clean out. You may not realize large cloud vapor and that is the point, it is a vaporizer so it doesn't produce a lot of vapor. 

Available in Silver