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NEW! UGO-V3 Vape Battery Kit (900mah)

NEW! UGO-V3 Vape Battery Kit (900mah)

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Most of our customers choose black or silver color vape pens when they buy larger wholesale orders (which we specialize in, although we also offer retail pricing).  

However, when we saw the vibrant colors offered by the UGO-V3 we couldn’t pass up carrying these in stock! If you are familiar with the UGO-V2 you will know they look very similar but the UGO-V2 does NOT have a preheat option and the colors look faded compared to the deep contrast and vibrant pop the UGO-V3 offers.

These UGO-V3 vape batteries are unique in that they charge from the side of the battery (see picture). This is a great option because it allows you to use the battery while it is charging.  The bottom of the batteries have a mirrored chrome finish.  

  • 900mah (strong & slim)
  • Variable voltage (3 clicks)
  • Pre-heat option (2 clicks)
  • On/off (5 clicks)
  • Side charging (charges while in use)
  • Kit includes (battery, charger, box)
  • Unique “dotted pattern” graphic
  • Works with any 510 thread vape cartridge

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