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Single Press Machine for Push/Press Down Vape Cartridges

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If you bought vape cartridges that need to be pressed down (no screw thread) then this hand press machine is a must!  In fact, it is the only way to professionally press and seal the mouthpiece tip to the cartridge body.  Without a press machine you are stuck trying to push down the mouthpiece as far as you can but it will never lay flush.  There will always be a gap between the mouthpiece and the cartridge.  These press machine ensure a perfect product every time!

Looking for press-down tip cartridges?  We carry a model of c-cell style that have clear acrylic tips and work seamlessly with this press machine.  If you are tired of screwing down cartridge after cartridge, this press machine makes quick work out of it!

Buy clear tip press down vape cartridges here.