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NEW! Key Fob

NEW! Key Fob "Umbrella" Battery! Inspired by Resident Evil as low as $10.99 each

Regular price $199.99 $140.00 Sale

V.I.P. PRICING as low as $6.99 per unit (coupons and discounts do not apply) please call 708-557-4357 for more details...

Presenting the "Umbrella Corporation" Key Fob battery made by the minds of brilliant scientists stationed deep within the HIVE in Raccoon City. When you need a quick way to vape in between fighting zombies, this is your ticket! Warning: This battery will not protect you from zombie attacks, but may help you to keep more focused, hopefully. 

The Key Fob batteries are completely BLANK so if resale is your thing, this is the way to go. There are no advertisements on the battery itself, just the box. The box is covered in the Umbrella Corporation logo and features a giant "KEY FOB BATTERY" description on the back of the box. 

This is a wholesale item, unfortunately we do not offer retail pricing. Minimum order is 10 pieces @ $13.99 a piece, 100 units as low as $10.99 per unit. 

350mah battery

Push 5 times to turn on/off

Hold power button down while using

Black with blank matte silver plate