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NEW! Airis Mystica II Battery (fits thicker cartridges) - $11.99 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

NEW! Airis Mystica II Battery (fits thicker cartridges) - $11.99 each

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These new Airis batteries are perfect for larger, thicker vape cartridges. Some vape cartridges are so thick that they cannot fit in a typical magnetic battery.  These new Airis vape batteries have an over-sized cartridge receptacle that accommodates the larger diameter vape cartridges.  The hole is round and will only work with round cartridges, these batteries will not fit or work with pods. Variable voltage - press three times to change the voltage. 3.4 volts green, 3.7 volts blue, 4.2 volts red.

Does not come with vape cartridge

- Battery 450mah

- Compatible with 12mm diameter vape cartridges

- Pocket sized

- Magnetic Joint

- Adapter 2 in 1 

- Side viewing window (oil level)

Available colors:  Black, Silver, Gold, Purple, Pink