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0.5ml Amigo Liberty V9 as low as $2.29 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

Amigo Liberty V9 (0.5ml & 1.0ml)

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This is one of the best vape cartridge we have ever come across. What makes this a high-end vape cartridge?

These Amigo Liberty V9 vape cartridges are 100% authentic and manufactured by the original manufacturer. There are a lot of cheaper clone copies, these are 100% original - they use the finest quality materials coupled with the most stringent quality control. 

1) It is TOTAL quality. This cartridge is one solid cartridge. It is made from top quality metal and glass. Despite its shorter size this cartridge weighs close to 20 grams empty. It is a little stout and it fits any 510 thread vape pen.

2) It has gold plated connectors on the bottom of the metal rod and on the bottom of the vape cartridge itself. 

3) The BEST benefit of all! You can remove the entire metal rod as it is connected to the mouthpiece which leaves a very large hole making it easy to fill with a syringe or even without. With all other cartridges you have to fill around the metal rod, since the metal rod comes out completely (attached to the mouthpiece) it makes it very easy to fill. 

4) It has a 0.5ml oil measure which ensures a perfect pour every time. Simply fill the solution to the 0.5ml oil level line and screw the metal rod back into the bottom of the cartridge and your done, a perfect fill every time. No more relying on syringes for accuracy.

5) It has an adjustable air flow dial on the mouthpiece. This gives the user a few options of air flow. There are options for no holes, 1 hole, 2 holes, or 3 holes. Simply spin the mouthpiece around to reveal or hide the air flow holes. 

6) This cartridge appears to be the FORT KNOX of vape cartridges. Due to the way this cartridge is engineered, we believe this to be the highest quality vape cartridge on the market today and carry the lowest leak rate in the industry 1 percent or less. Our leak proof silver and gold cartridges have a 1-2 percent leak rate which is one of the lowest in the industry. 

0.5ml metal rod / glass

Ceramic coil

4 oil apertures 

510 thread

Heavy, almost 20 grams per unit

NOTE:  Tubes are not included but can be purchased separately