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wax dab vape cartridges

NEW! Wax / Dab Vape Cartridges!

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These new vape cartridges work specifically with wax, shatter, live rosin, etc!  99% of the vape cartridges on the market today are for vaping distillate/oil.  But, these are completely different as they are meant for concentrates!  Super new and unique to the market! We are one of the first companies we know to carry this product.

We carry two styles:

  1. White Ceramic Tip
  2. Clear Glass Tip

(cartridges are the same, only the tips are different)

One of the best features of this cartridge is the built-in dab tool.  We all know it’s a pain to carry a sticky dab tool around, these cartridges have a built in dab tool that rests inside the cartridge when not in use, and all in one solution! 

NOTE:  It is normal for the coil to turn black after 2-3 hits. The coil turns darker because the oil absorbs into the coil which is necessary and completely normal. If the coil does NOT turn black, there would be a problem. 

How to use:  Use the dab tool to put a decent amount of concentrate on the end of the dab tool. Place the dab tool back into the cartridge glass body. Attach cartridge to battery and activate battery to use. The concentrate will melt off the dab tool into the coil area below and it will start to produce thick cloud vapor as you inhale. 

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