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Silver X5 Amigo Liberty Vape Cartridges - as low as $2.59 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

Silver X5 Amigo Liberty Vape Cartridges (0.5ml & 1.0ml)

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This is a top of the line high quality vape cartridge from our Ultra Premium Series line!  Ultra Premium Vape Cartridges have a defect rate of less than 1%, they are made with quality materials, they do not contain any heavy metals, they are extremely reliable, and provide large consistent cloud vapor.

Most oil holes are on the rods themselves which make its hard to get every last drop of oil. These X5's are special because the oil holes are on the bottom disk where the oil sits making it extremely easy to get every last little bit of oil. Most of these vape cartridges with metal rods have 4 or sometimes as little as 2 oil holes drilled on the rod itself. These X5 Amigo Liberty cartridges have 6 oil holes! This allows the oil to flow more consistently and allow you to get every last drop of oil, no waste!

On top of all these benefits, you will realize that the X5 is a supreme cartridge put together with quality in mind, which is why it warrants the higher than average unit cost. However, our clients want piece of mind and a solid leak-proof cartridge provides that. Getting all the extra benefits the Amigo X5 provides like the bottom drilled oil holes and 6 holes instead of 4 is just an added bonus. 

NOTE: These cartridges are packed in foam blocks of 100 units

If you are looking to purchase tubes for these X5 cartridges, keep in mind they have a larger diameter than other vape cartridges and require larger 12mm tubes.  Purchase 12mm vape cartridge tubes here.

Color: Silver

Size: 0.5ml/0.5gram or 1.0ml/1.0gram

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