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Ohm Meter

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*Batteries 2AA Not Included 

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NEW! These Ohm meters are perfect for testing the voltage of vape batteries (vape pens) and the resistance of vape cartridges. You'll never be in the dark anymore!  Now if a vape battery or a vape cartridge doesn't work, you'll know first hand!

1) This is a great way to check vape cartridges to make sure they "fire-up" aka "work" before filling them up with solution. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time knowing exactly which cartridge is functional and which is not BEFORE FILLING!

2) Also, if you are unsure if a vape battery is working, this device will let you know.  You may notice as you use the vape pen / battery the voltage may decrease with usage. This is perfectly normal. Although this ohm meter will not tell you when you need to charge the battery, it will tell you if the voltage is low, and if the battery is in working condition. 

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