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Overnight Shipping - CALL FOR A QUOTE

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WARNING: Do NOT purchase overnight shipping until you contact one of our representatives at 708-557-4357.  It is integral that we determine:

1) the total weight of the order being shipped

2) what city and state the order is being shipped to

Overnight shipping starts at $30.00

Cost of overnight shipping is determined by weight and distance.  Cheapest Vape Supplies is located in the Chicago land area.  The closer the distance to Illinois the cheaper it will be to overnight. The lighter the package the cheaper it will be to overnight.  For example, the most expensive overnight would be Hawaii and Alaska, followed by the Far West and Far East Coast, then the Inner West and Inner East coast, and lastly the Midwest (being the cheapest place to overnight). 

After speaking with a live representative and receiving the shipping quote, you can choose the proper increment to arrive at your total shipping cost.