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Push Button Variable Vape Battery 350mah (silver or black) as low as $2.99 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

Push Button Variable Vape Battery 350mah (silver or black) as low as $2.99 each

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V.I.P. PRICING as low as $2.19 per unit (coupons and discounts do not apply) please call 708-557-4357 for more details...

SILVER - IN STOCK (cheaper than black on larger quantities!) 


Packaging varies:  Battery comes with charger but may come packaged in a clear blister pack with instructions, or a slim black box with clear window. If you are concerned about a specific style of packaging, please contact us at 708-557-4357

These push-button variable vape pens are a step above the pre-heat version. The pre-heat version only has one option/setting. This variable battery has 3 different voltage settings:

2.6v - green

3.3v - blue

4.0v - red

This battery works with any cartridge from plastic and wick to metal and glass. It is powerful enough to work with any cartridge we carry. We suggest lower voltages for wick cartridges and higher voltages for metal and glass cartridges. 

Click 5 times to turn on
Click 5 times to turn off
Click 3 times to change the voltage
Click 2 times to pre-heat the battery


Battery is 350mah and voltage ranges from 2.6v - 4.0v.  Available in black or silver. Each battery comes with a box and USB charger.