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Sample Pack #2 - Mega Glass 0.5ML Sample Pack - Cheapest Vape Supplies

Sample Pack #2 - Mega Glass 0.5ML Sample Pack

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For those that are looking for a wide assortment of 0.5ML glass cartridge styles, look no further!

This is the Mega Glass sample pack and it features every glass cartridge in 0.5ml size that we carry! You will receive a total of 18 glass cartridges...

You will receive:

18 - different 0.5ml cartridges


You will receive the cartridges that are featured in the picture. From time to time, we may phase out certain old models and replace them with newer and better replacement models. In this case, you will be provided with a substitute product that will be superior to the discontinued one. Feel free to call us before placing your order. You will be guaranteed to receive 31 unique vape cartridges in this "Mega 0.5ML Glass Sample Pack" 

Whether your oil solution is thick or thin, this sample kit will help you match the perfect cartridge for your viscosity.