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Silver Glass (Round Tip) Vape Cartridges (0.5ml) as low as $1.19 each! - Cheapest Vape Supplies

Silver Glass (Round Tip) Vape Cartridges (0.5ml) as low as $1.19 each!

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Test vape cartridges before you fill them with oil with these OHM Readers

As low as $1.19 each!

Choose Oil Hole Size - 0.9mm or 1.2mm

Dual Quartz Coil (no discoloration, no bad/burnt taste)

Round Tip

0.5ml size

Buy with confidence, we will beat any price in the USA guaranteed! Silver Glass vape cartridges as low as $1.19 each! These glass cartridges are 0.5ml in size. Choose from 1 unit to 1,000 units. For quantities larger than 1,000 units please call us at 708-557-4357. 

This is a liquidation product. No returns, no exchanges, all sales are final! 

These boxes fit the 0.5ml vape cartridges perfectly!  These boxes fit 0.5ml vape cartridges with the tubes. 

Warning: These glass cartridges with the larger metal rods are very prone to leaking with thin oils. We recommend thick oils with these units. If you have thin oils we recommend our more dependable 1st generation wick cartridges or one of our premium 3rd generation vape cartridges. Some of our clients have experienced leaking with these cartridges. We want to be as transparent as possible. We do not warranty, or provide any refunds or credit(s) on this product. Although we believe in having the cheapest prices, its more important for us to provide the highest quality. In some cases, our clients have experienced a defect rate of 10 - 20% with this particular product, and that is completely unacceptable. Why do we still carry this product? Good question, because a lot of people have had success with this product and have had very few issues. However, they are probably taking every precaution when filling the cartridge, and they are probably using a thicker solution. We were going to convert this product into a special order item, but our clients reached out to us and convinced us to keep this product in stock. They are a very good value for the right application. The main thing is, we don't want any of our client's to lose money on wasted product. We understand how expensive these oils can be and we think its of utmost importance to look out for our client's well-being. That is why we think it is important to disclose this information.

Recommendation:  Wait for solution to cool to room temp before filling. Fill cartridges on a slight angle to avoid strong downward pressure.  Initially, only fill one or two cartridges and wait 15 - 30 minutes to evaluate and look for leaking issues.  If no leaks, proceed to fill up cartridges in small batches and evaluate every 15 -30 minutes until you are finished. If you have leaks, you must thicken your oil solution. These cartridges work best with thick solutions. 

Note:  This vape cartridge is size 0.5ml 

Packaging:  Each cartridge is packaged individually in clear plastic protective tubes.