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USA vape cartridge

NEW! USA Style Vape Atomizers 1.0ml

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Just like vape cartridges, only better! For a long time people have been requesting a vape mod atomizer that is smaller in size. Most vape atomizers in the market are 2ml - 5ml in size and they are primarily used for vaping juice. If you were to fill a 2ml - 5ml atomizer with CBD or THC oil it would be very expensive. It could potentially cost hundreds of dollars to fill a single vape atomizer. 

Vape cartridges are tinier and are usually 0.5ml/gram or 1.0ml/gram in size. This is the perfect size cartridge for THC and CBD oil.  However, the quality of vape atomizers have always been better than vape cartridges, unfortunately they are also a lot larger, until now.

Some of the highest quality atomizers are designed in the USA, and they are manufactured in China under the supervision and guide of an American quality control team. This is the closest thing you will get to an American made product of this nature.  This is currently the closest you will get to a USA made vape cartridge. 

Price reflects quality and uniqueness. You will not find these atomizers easily. They will work with most 510 thread batteries. They are 13.5mm wide and hold 1ml of liquid. We also have a proprietary battery that fits this cartridge perfectly. It’s the only battery that has a thick enough opening to hold a 13.5mm diameter cartridge and it’s the only battery where the mouthpiece sits perfectly flush with the top of the battery. 

We suggest purchasing a battery with each cartridge purchase as they go hand in hand. You can use any 510 thread vape battery to screw it onto and it will function but it just won’t look as good. If you want the best of the best quality for you and your clients, this is the solution.