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USB vape charger

USB Vape Charger (fits all vape batteries)

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This USB vape charger is used to recharge any 510 thread battery.  At CV Supplies we pride ourselves in our quality products and affordable pricing.  Most of our competitors charge $4.00 - $5.00 per USB charger, we are as low as 69 cents each on bulk purchases. 

Male thread - post sticks out, these chargers are good for charging thicker batteries that do not fit the standard female chargers.

Advantage: Male threads will fit ANY battery but the post sticking out is more susceptible to snapping off if not careful

Female thread - post is recessed, these chargers charge most batteries 12mm or smaller. Larger batteries will need the male thread. 

Advantage: Female threads are protected by the plastic housing, however larger batteries may not fit inside the plastic housing and thus cannot be screwed into. 

  1. Choose male for female thread USB charger (male thread, post sticking out is needed for extra thick batteries)
  2. Screw battery onto the charger
  3. Plug charger into any USB device
  4. Plug USB device into electrical outlet
  5. Charge for up to 3 hours