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NEW! Vape Cartridge Filling Kits (1.0ml) - only $99.99!

NEW! Vape Cartridge Filling Kits (1.0ml) - only $99.99!

Regular price $162.95 $99.99 Sale

These vape cartridge combo packs offer one of the best bangs for your buck!  These kits come with everything you need to get started filling dab, wax, or oil vape cartridges!  We start with choosing a dependable and reliable 1.0ml vape cartridge.  The adjustable airflow 1.0ml vape cartridges are a huge seller with very low defect rates if any at all.  Next, we give you the choice of two different bottles of terpenes.  Finally, we include the filling syringes needed to fill the cartridges.

This kit will make a total of 50 vape cartridges.  Need to make more than 50 units?  Buy multiple kits!  Use 1-2ml of terpenes for ever 10ml of oil solution, which is 10-20% terpenes and 80-90% oil.  Some people prefer to add 3ml to 5ml of MCT oil for every 100ml of oil which is 3-5%.

You will receive the following:

50 - 1.0ml high-quality adjustable airflow cartridges packed in foam blocks of 50 for easy filling!  Choose silver with silver band, or silver with gold band ($99.99 value)

2 - 5ml bottles of terpenes choice of flavors, mention flavors in the NOTES section ($59.98 value)

2 - 10ml filling syringes ($2.98 value)

TOTAL VALUE - $162.95