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NEW! Vape Cartridge Stand / Holder (510 thread) as low as $1.99 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

NEW! Vape Cartridge Stand / Holder (510 thread)

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These vape cartridge stands are perfect for keeping your vape oil cartridge in an upright position. This allows the oils to be directed to the coil or wick area which saturates and protects the coil from burning during initial use. When cartridges are stored on their side it can take a while for thick oil to coat the bottom of the cartridge. These cartridge holders allow the oil to be stored near the bottom of the cartridge at all times. 

Only works with 510 thread cartridges (every cartridge on our website is 510 thread) 

Solid, heavy metal

Offered in Gold, Silver, Black, and Mix-and-Match!