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12mm Vape Cartridge Tubes as low as - $0.18 each - Cheapest Vape Supplies

12mm Vape Cartridge Tubes

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Do your vape cartridges need packaging?  These vape cartridge tubes are perfect for protecting or presenting your vape cartridges in a professional manner.  These tubes were designed exclusively for vape cartridges in mind.  Our tubes are over-sized, meaning that they will fit vape cartridges with a larger diameter.  These tubes are specifically made for 0.5ml/0.5gram and 1.0ml/1.0gram vape cartridges. 

These tubes are 12mm diameter, we can also supply 11mm and 10mm diameter upon request.  Keep in mind these 12mm diameter tubes will fit practically any vape cartridge on the market today, so if you are looking for a universal solution, these tubes are perfect! 

We took several pictures of this product on different backgrounds (white, berber carpet, and black slate) to help contrast the clear transparency of the product. 

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